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Welcome to the "World of Shayari, Ghazals, and Quotes", welcome to Shayari Images Quotes

Hi Guys and Gals, I am Ajay Kc the Founder and the Author of this entertaining and inspiring platform. Let me introduce myself to you.
 I’m a simple guy who loves Computing, Blogging, Internet, Reading, and Writing. I’m an Computer Hardware & Networking Professional and Blogging is my passion. I am a big fan and lover of Shayari. I love to write and read Sher-O-Shayari. There are many blogs and websites which provide Sher-O-Shayari and Quotes. But there are very few platforms, which provide original and new Sher-O-Shayari on regular basis. 
So I decide to create a blog with Shayari niche. As a result in 2012 Shayari Images Quotes came into existence. In 2015, I rebuild this blog again. And since then I am posting Shayari and ghazals here on regular basis. My friend SHAAZ is helping me by providing Shayari and by doing a lot of other tasks. He is a great writer,and I personal love his creations, his Shayari Ghazals. Thank you so much SHAAZ for your great support. And I promise you will get new and original Shayari-Ghazals here on Shayari Images Quotes on regular basis in future as well.
The main purpose of Shayari Images Quotes is to sharing our thoughts with you and to entertain you along with a little motivation. To deliver entertaining, motivational, and touching stuff Shayari Images Quotes is here and will always be.

Feel free for any queries, feedback, or suggestions. You are most welcome.

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A humble request to all of you, if something touches your heart, whether it be a Sher, Ghazal or an Image, please must share it. That's all I need from you.

Your friends,
ajaykc86 n SHAAZ

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