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You can submit your own written Shayari or Poetry here. We will publish your Shayari along with your name and photo, all Credit will be yours.

Before submitting your Shayari/Poetry, please read the terms and conditions carefully. And Please Double Check your Email ID before submission, we'll send you a confirmation/verification email to the same ID. If you accidentally submitted a wrong email ID, then you will not be able to confirm/verify the email sent by us. And in such a situation, we will not publish your submitted Shayari/Poetry without verification.

Terms and conditions are given below the submission form. Must Read them before making any submission.

*Important: We are getting a lot of Single Shayari Submissions. It simply means the visitors who are submitting thier Shayari's are not reading the terms before submission. If you are going to submit your Shayari, please go through the Shayari Publishing Terms and Conditions before making any submission.

*Terms and conditions Updated on 01 Mar, 2021


Terms and Conditions for Shayari Submission:

Content Submission Terms:

Make sure that the content you're going to submit is your own written, or the Author has given you the authority to use it in any means. Please do not use the content copied from elsewhere, if you don't have the proper rights to use it. Yeah, you can use the comment box to reply the Shayari.

All Credit will be yours:

The poetry submitted by you will be published along with your name. You also need to send us your own photo along with any of your Social Profile Link. Both are mandatory for verification purposes.

* Please read the "Terms and Conditions for "Guest Shayari" and "Guest Ghazal Shayari" Section", to know you rights if you are going to submit your content here on

Email Purpose:

Your Email address is required to confirm that you are the verified author of the content. We will not disclose your email address. We will only use your email address for verification purpose.
After receiving your submission, we will send you verification email at your given Email address before publishing your content. Only if your Shayari/Ghazal is approved.

If you will not reply to that verification email, then your submitted Shayari Ghazal will never be published. So its important to submit a valid email. And please check your inbox after submitting Shayari on our site, you may received an email from us within 2-7 days of your submission. It can take a few more days in certain situations.

Publishing Requirements:

* Your Name
* Your Email Id
* Any of your Social Profile Link.
* Your own photo

The number of Shayari /poetry required to publish / submission:

  • For 2 liner Shayari at least 10 Sher.
  • For 4 liner at least 5 Sher.
  • For Ghazal-Najm or long Shayari at least 1 (must be over 10 lines).

Your submitted Poetry will be only published when the total number of poetry will be equals to the number as we have mentioned above.

If your submission doesn't meet the minimum required number of shayari/ghazals, then we will ignore it. So please, submit only when your content meets the minimum requirements.


Once you submit your Shayari/Ghazal, it will be held for review and will be reviewed by our team.

We will check that your Shayari is eligible to be publish or not, is it your own or not, and is not copied from anywhere. Your poetry will be published only after Approved by our team.

Once your Shayari is approved then you will be notified by email. If you don't get any notification email within a week of your submission, then it means your Shayari did not passed the review and has been rejected. Sorry, no email will be sent on disapproval. At this time it is very difficult for us to communicate by email for every rejection.

Therefore, you will be notified only when your shayari/poetry has been approved for publication.

Do not get disappointed with the disapproval, try once again and this time submit a new and one of your best write-up (shayari), you will definitely succeed.

Legal Acknowledgment for Authors:

With the submission of your content (Shayari, Ghazal), you acknowledged that you have read the Terms and Disclaimers of and you have accepted them. And you also take responsibilities that your submitted content (Shayari, Ghazal, and your photo) is your own property. This means, you acknowledged that your submitted content is not a copyright property of any another person, group, brand or any other Shayar (Poet), it is solely yours. If someone else claim their copyright on your submitted content, then you will be responsible for its consequences and the legal actions taken under it.

The Author who submitted the content here is responsible for it. The Owner of will not take any kind of responsibility in such matter. With the submission of your content (shayari, ghazal and your photo), you are responsible for it yourself.

Removal of Guest Posts (Guest Shayari Ghazals):

It is our policy that once the guest post is published here on under "Guest Shayari and Guest Ghazal Shayari Section (Guest Submissions)", then it will not be removed/deleted after publication. It will stay here for forever, until this website is alive. But in some exceptional conditions, we have the right to do the necessary. We may delete/remove your submitted Shayari anytime from our website without notifying you, if needed. And only we have the right to decide whether it should be removed or not. So be aware of this term before submitting your content here. But don't worry, this will only happen on some very rare cases.

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  1. i have posted a shayari,please promte my website link

    1. Please, must read and follow the "Shayari Submission Terms and conditions" as well as the Website terms.

  2. If I post shayaris of my own can I get do follow backlink for my website

  3. Khaylo me jis shakhs Ko sochkar khush hote h
    Hakikat to Dekho usi shakhs ki wajah se rote h

  4. Akelepan se sikhi hai.,par bat sachi h ,dikhave ki najdikiyo se hakikkat ki duriya achhi hai......

  5. हम अच्छे से बिछड़ सकते थे,
    पर उसने तमाशा बना दिया।।😏

  6. नैना लगे बरसने आज दिल पर चोट लगी
    आँह भर रहा हैँ दिल भी सांसे भी कसी कसी
    नैना से चल पड़े सपने भूलकर आज दिल कीगली
    आज समझा दिल टूटकर चाहने की दिल्लगी
    नैना लगे बरसने आज दिल पर चोट लगी
    नैना लगे बरसने आज दिल पर चोट लगी
    बहुत समाला दिल को मैंने पर मेरी एक न चली
    मुझ पर भी चढ़ा खुमार महकी थी कली कली
    खुद भी पागल हो यार कुछ बहारे ही ऐसी चली
    खो गया सब सुद्बुद बस लगन चाहत ऐसी लगी
    नैना लगे बरसने आज दिल पर चोट लगी
    नैना लगे बरसने आज दिल पर चोट लगी
    जब कोई इतना बस जाता है नज़दिक इन दिलो में
    बस धरती भी सजी दिखती है दूर तलक मिलो में
    दिल झूम उठता है उसके खुशीयों की झीलों में
    कैसे रोके कोई इस दिल को इन मुश्किलों में
    नैना लगे बरसने आज दिल पर चोट लगी
    नैना लगे बरसने आज दिल पर चोट लगी

  7. किसी और से प्यार करके हमको बता ना सकी अगर ऐसा ही किसा था तुम्हारी झूठी बातों का हम से वास्ता क्यों रखा उन रातों का चलो हम वो रात भी भुला दे तुम कहो तो तुम्हे दिल से भागा भी दे ...
    Satender Singh

  8. ये औरत तेरी यही कहानी आंखों से गिरे आसू फिर भी सबको लगता है पानी।

  9. तुम कभी तो इतने अच्छे थे कि हम तुम पर मर मिट गए
    फिर ऐसा क्या हुआ कि हमारे सामने आते ही तुम इतना दूर हट गए!!
    इतना शामिल हमें कर दिया अपनी ज़िन्दगी में कि हम अपना सुध बुध खो दिए
    तुम्हारी आँखों की वो घराईआं जिसमे हम खोकर रह गए
    फिर क्या हुआ एकदम कि तुम इतना दूर हट गए !!
    इतना दूर हट गए कि पास आने कि उम्मीद भी न कर गए
    तुम ऐसे निकले कि ख्वाबों मैं भी हम तुम्हे ढूँढ़ते रह गए
    क्यों ऐसा क्या हुआ कि हमारे सामने आते ही तुम इतनी दूर हट गए
    क्यों इतनी दूर हट गए!!

  10. मेरे मौला ओ हबीब मेरे तौफ़ीक़ ओ अज़ीज़

    तुम्हें समझ पाने को औकात नहीं ;
    तुम्हें समझ पाने को औकात नहीं ,

    न समझ पाने को मोहताज़ नहीं

    मेरे मौला ओ हबीब मेरे तौफ़ीक़ ओ अज़ीज़

    मज़लूम रहता हूँ तुझे मालूम रहता हूँ
    मजबूर रहता हूँ तुझे मंजूर रहता हूँ । ।

    ★ शायर फ़रियाद ★
    d.a.k /شاعر کی شکایت

  11. Bulna nahi hai hame appna kal
    Balki usse kuch sikkar aage ki tayari karni hai.
    Tu ruk mat ,tu dar mat bus kaddam aage rakte jaa.
    Terra aane wala kal sapno se jayada sundar ho ga

    Ye life hai yaha har mood par chunoti milengi
    Par tum darna nahi
    Kadam badaate raho. Safalta miti rahen gi
    Tu bhi ek din ucha udhon ge aasmaan mai

  12. Galatfaiymiya mitate ho
    Kuch fasle mitane ki koshis karo

    Kyu door ho gaye ho itne
    Kuch kareeb aane ki koshis karo

    Chand saanse hi bachi hai
    Ranjishe mitane ki koshish karo

    Zindagi hamara saath bhale chor jaye
    Tum kuch saath nibhane ki koshis karo

  13. "Silsila sadiyo ka nhi bas pyar tha
    Sastey nhi the hum kabhi par tere liye dil muft me bhi bikne ko taiyar tha"
    Anuraag thakur

  14. Hamesha
    derkar deta hu main
    Zaruri baat kehni ho
    koi wada nibhana ho
    usey Aawaz deni ho
    usey wapas bulana ho
    derkar deta hu main

  15. Pyaar kya kare kisi se
    Log pyaar k kabil nhi hai 🥀
    mai pyaar Karna chahtaan hoon 🙋‍♂️
    par log bahut shatir hai,🚫

  16. "माँ की गाली और पापा की मार उतना दर्द नहीं देता था जितना ज़िन्दगी सबक दे कर दे रहा है"

  17. तुझे पाने की चाह मरते दम तक रहेगी,
    पर तुझे किसी और के साथ देख कर जीना,
    मरने से भी बत्तर है...गुपी

  18. Hum me to bas ab ye dekhna hai
    Chadega hum par khumaar kab tak

    Pata hai humko tum bewafa ho
    Tumhe Kare Ab hum Pyaar Kab Tak

    Hamaara dil to hamaara ho kar
    bhi ab hamaara nahi raha hai

    Rahega dil ye beemaar kab tak
    Hoga issme sudhaar kab tak

    Dukan khole Ashiqui ki
    Karoge tum bhi vyapaar kab tak

    Paras tu Galib se bhi bura hai
    Leta rahega udhaar kab tak

  19. ज्ञान-ए-तकदीश कि, इबादत हैं ये मोहब्बत मगर कौन कैसा हैं, ये क्या जाने मोहब्बत। - अवि अहिरवार


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